Detailed shop floor assessments and data analysis, identifying key areas for improvement to enhance productivity, quality, and cost efficiency in steel production operations (Continuous Galvanizing Line).

Clecim® Consulting Services offers specialized technical advisory solutions to steel manufacturers, focusing on enhancing the efficiency and quality of production processes. Our recent audit at a client’s Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) demonstrates our commitment to delivering actionable insights and tailored recommendations.

Our approach begins with a thorough audit, covering every aspect from jet cooling to After Pot Cooling (APC). By observing the shop floor during both line preparation and production, we collect extensive data and engage in intermediate discussions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the operations. Using our proprietary methodology and statistical evaluation, we meticulously analyze the data to identify critical issues impacting reliability and productivity.

The audit revealed key areas for improvement, such as frequent line stoppages, suboptimal zinc adhesion, and excessive zinc thickness. These findings are crucial for understanding the underlying causes of productivity losses and quality defects. Our experts provided targeted observations and recommendations for specific line areas, highlighting both improvement opportunities and weak points in the process.

The benefits of our services are manifold. Clients receive detailed feedback on their current operations, practices, and equipment. Our proposals focus on three main areas: productivity improvement, quality enhancement, and cost reduction. Furthermore, we assist in evaluating priority investments, ensuring that clients allocate resources effectively to maximize returns.

In summary, Clecim’s technical advisory services offer steel manufacturers a strategic advantage by providing deep insights into operational inefficiencies and practical solutions for improvement. Our comprehensive audit and analysis not only help in identifying immediate issues but also pave the way for long-term enhancements in productivity and product quality. By partnering with CLECIM, steel producers can achieve significant improvements in their operational performance and competitive positioning in the market.