Clecim® Consulting Services provided remote technical advisory for the modernization of a tinning

line, enhancing design accuracy and operational efficiency.

Clecim® Consulting Services excels in delivering technical advisory for complex industrial processes.

Recently, we assisted a client in modernizing their tinning line, addressing design, calculations, and

expert advice to ensure a successful implementation.

The client sought precise calculations, regulatory compliance, and expert guidance to identify potential

 weaknesses in the new design. Our team, with extensive expertise in line calculations and industry

regulations, provided comprehensive support through remote collaboration.

Our methodology included regular Teams reviews, thorough analysis of client-provided documents, and meticulous calculations based on Clecim’s design rules. This remote setup allowed continuous engagement and timely feedback, ensuring efficient fulfilment of the client’s requirements.

Key to our assistance was the detailed study output, which included a design report and actionable advice shared during collaborative meetings. Our objective was to highlight potential weak points in the new design, enabling proactive issue resolution.

The benefits were multifaceted. The client received concept validation, comparative design analysis, and exploration of various solutions, which improved their confidence in the final design. Our expert advice facilitated informed decision-making, leading to a robust and efficient tinning line.

Completed within two months in 2022, the project demonstrated a very low return on investment period. This rapid turnaround and tangible improvements in design accuracy and operational efficiency underscored Clecim’s value.

By partnering with Clecim® Consulting Services, clients navigate the complexities of industrial process modernization with confidence, leveraging our expertise to achieve optimized performance and operational excellence. Our commitment to client success and proven methodologies ensures impactful, reliable solutions tailored to each project’s unique needs.



*Une ligne de planage sous traction est conçue pour corriger les défauts de laminage de la bobine et pour corriger les paramètres physiques du matériau afin de répondre aux exigences de qualité les plus élevées. Elle est utilisée pour les matériaux les plus variés en bobines, tels que l’acier haut et bas carbone, les alliages d’acier au nickel, l’acier inoxydable et les alliages spéciaux.

Lorsque la planéité est le paramètre le plus important pour l’application, le procédé de planage multi rouleaux réduit le stress interne de la bande et fournit une planéité parfaite.