Clearing hurdles in heavy-gauge laser welding, Clecim’s expertise ensured feasibility, minimized risk, and streamlined production for our Japanese client.

In 2021, a Japanese steel manufacturer faced a significant challenge. They needed to confirm the feasibility of laser welding key materials for a production line, following a revamp of their pickling and tandem cold mill (PLTCM) and the adoption of a heavy-gauge laser welder. This complex task was crucial to ensuring the quality and reliability of their final products, yet the feasibility of laser welding these materials remained unverified.

To tackle this, the client turned to Clecim® Consulting Services for a robust solution. Our team brought in-depth expertise in laser welding and the design of experiments (DoE) methodology to the table, initiating a project aimed at validating the welding process under real-world conditions.

The primary issue was to confirm, through practical tests, the weldability of critical materials used in the client’s production. This confirmation was necessary to mitigate the risk of investing in new technology without guaranteed results.

Clecim’s approach began with meticulous planning. We defined a comprehensive test plan, considering various factors, ranges, and constraints that would affect the welding process. This included site audits to understand the client’s specific conditions and training their team on DoE principles.

The next step was executing the test plan. Clecim’s experts supervised the testing phase, analyzing the results to determine the optimal welding presets. This phase involved rigorous testing and iterative adjustments to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The project culminated in a successful validation of the welding process. Key materials’ weldability was confirmed, providing the client with the confidence to proceed with their PLTCM revamp. Additionally, Clecim’s recommendations minimized the investment risk by ensuring the feasibility of the welding process before full-scale implementation.

The client benefited from a set of available welding presets for a quick start, significantly reducing the time required to achieve optimal production conditions. This not only streamlined their production process but also assured them of the reliability and quality of their output.

By partnering with CLECIM, the client could confidently adopt advanced laser welding technology, ensuring their production line was both efficient and effective, ultimately leading to enhanced product quality and market competitiveness.