Flatness for the food and beverage industry

Clecim has patented the design of a number of Tension Levelers and has supplied more than 50 tinplate units worldwide since 1969, including 20 of the multi-roll type in the last 15 years. The most recent generation is a compact and highly rigid machine with integrated tension bridles that operate automatically in a controlled elongation running mode.


Due to increasing demand, tinplate producers are now supplying thinner average product gauges and Double Reduced (DR) materials that are difficult to level because of their light gauge, high yield strength and internal stress.
To respond to these more stringent market requirements, Clecim has developed few years ago a new type of Tension Leveler specifically designed for high quality production in Electrolytic Tinning Lines and Tinplate Inspection and Leveling Lines.

Advantages of Multi-roll Tension Leveler:
  • Specifically designed for tin plate products

  • Integrated Multi-roll unit for stress relieving on DR products

  • Mechatronic package for optimized functionality

  • Improved flatness