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Clecim has designed a full-scale controlled elongation testing facility with enough versatility to be able to process a wide range of materials. It is used for conducting research and development work as well as testing customers’ samples. It is designed to operate under conditions similar to those found in all applications that use controlled elongation technology.


The Clecim’s test facility also features a cold-rolling or temper mill stand which can be configured as a two-high, with 300 mm diameter rolls, and as a four-high, with 140 mm diameter work rolls. Maximum rolling force is 1,200 kN with a maximum tension exerted on the strip of approximately 60 kN that is monitored by tensiometers.
Machine components includes also conventional levelling unit, multiroll unit and number of tension bridle rolls and interconnecting drive trains, can be adapted to simulate various strip finishing operations.

Main benefits:
  • Various configurations possible (Rolling Mill, Skin-Pass Mill, Tension Leveler, Brush, etc.)

  • Dry operation or wet operation with various emulsion

  • Up-to-date automation and drive systems

  • All datas are recorded on PDA system