The highest reliability and the easiest welder to use

Clecim is a key welder manufacturer for metal industry since 1970 and count more than 200 references of Flashbutt, Mashseam and Laser machines.

The last Clecim’s welding machines integrate the solidstate laser cutting and welding technologies since more than 10 years. This solution allows to treat not only a wide range of products from low carbon, Si, Silicon to new Gen3 steels but also a large range of thickness for versatile productions.

As easy operation and low maintenance are key features for our clients, Clecim designs efficient and high-quality machines.


The Clecim’s range of welders are dedicated to Cold Rolling plant from Pickling Lines [Heavy], Annealing Lines [Medium] to Finishing Lines [Light].

Clecim’s welders strong points:
  • Highest machine quality level designed for long term use

  • Well proven and top reliability

  • Ultra low breakage rate

  • Easy operation and maintenance in safe conditions

  • Reactive and high quality technical support

Also we have a strong experience in welder rewamping with short stoppage time and ultra fast production ramp-up.