Outstanding corrosion protection for the food & beverage industry

The Electrolytic Tinning Line (ETL) and Tin-Free Steel (TFS) coating are the efficient solutions to protect your packagings from corrosive contents.

The electrolytic tinning process suits packaging requirements in term of surface quality & flatness, mechanical properties & formability, weight optimization and corrosion-resistance.

Improving Coating Technology

Our Electrolytic Tinning Lines (ETL) are designed to provide our customers / Electrolytic Tinning Lines (ETL) designed by Clecim provide our customers with high plant performance and product quality. Clecim’s Electrotinning solution allows for equal or differential strip coating. When installed upstream of the coating process, our multi-roll Tension Leveler improves drastically the coating performance.
Our These coating solutions include:

  • Electrotytic plating with MSA electrolyte (Methyl Sulphonic Acid) and soluble anodes

  • Tin-Free Steel (TFS) coating using high current density cells. TFS is less costly than tin plating, it offers superior lacquer and paint adhesion, as well as strong resistance against corrosion

The main processes of the ETL are welding, cleaning, leveling, pickling, tinplating – reflowing – passivating with by-pass to TFS, final control & inspection.

Mechatronic machines for Electrolytic Tinning Lines

In-house mechatronic machines designed, assembled and tested in Clecim’s factory:

  • Laser welding machine (pioneer in solid state laser cutting and welding)

  • Muti-roll Tension Leveler

  • Side Trimmer

  • Inline Mechanical properties gauge

  • SIAS Automatic strip surface inspection system

Multi-roll Tension Leveler for Tinning Line
Light welder: LW21L
Tinning Line in Iran (Entry section with Side Trimmer)