Clecim Air Knives solution

High quality wiping solution of metallic coating for Continuous Processing Lines.

Clecim Dynawipe solution is based on four decades of worldwide expertise.

From pioneer with high advanced technologies to the most reliable and efficient equipment.

These air wiping technologies have been developed with customers continuous close collaboration.


Dynawipe has been designed on the fundamental principles that guarantees quality and uniformity of your coating.

Immerged rolls are made of valuable materials and coatings leading to a longer lifetime and consequently decreasing the cost of your maintenance operation.

Air knives are designed with the up-to-date technologies:
  • High quality lips materials and coatings combined with an efficient lips cleaning, optimized the air flow quality to offer an ideal result of your strip product

  • Edge mask technology adjust the air gap to save media consumption. Other benefits of edge mask are to reduce air flow perturbation on strip edge minimizing the dross formation

  • Baffles plates with contactless sensors have been designed to maximize the edge coating quality

  • State-of-the-art strip stabilizer combined with Clecim air knives solution improve the strip profile in front of the air knives delivering a perfect coating quality

Clecim has acquired a proven expertise in automation with our in-house coating control model. Designed for your plant, this valuable software has been developed to operate in harmony with our mechanical equipment.
Our model benefits your performances with faster coating transition and coating uniformity.