Productivity with hardest products

The optimisation of the productivty and the apparition of latest generation of high strength steel grades makes the partition or scrapping of the strip in the processing line a real challenge.
Based on decades of experience, Clecim offers drums and excentric shears dedicated to the high productivity line with hardest grades.
Offering fast cutting speed and short scrap length, they are fitting in the most stringent environnement to boost you productiviity.


Designed for application in CPL, CGL, CAL and other Processing Lines, our portfolio of eccentric shear features:
  • Suitable for entry section or exit section of the line

  • Automatic gap adjustment

  • All movement on roller bearing for long life

  • Capacity up to 8 mm

Operation of Clecim eccentric shear offers you a fast return on your investment by providing a:
  • Increase of the safety margin of your exit looper

  • Expantions of your mix by increasing the shearing strength

  • Boost of your productivity by reducing the idlle time duing shearing