Let’s share an exciting initiative at Clecim SAS: affirming our dynamic presence in Asia and strengthening our position as a trusted supplier of edge trimming shears.

On December 2023, Clecim SAS got the Factory Acceptance Test for the Heavy Side-Trimmer & Scrap Chopper to be installed on an existing high end PLTCM in Korea.
Our customer, a first-class Korean steel maker, carefully witnessed the successful tests and performance of the machine in our workshop.
The team was also able to learn the operation modes via a comprehensive automation package and have their first training with the machine.
The Clecim SAS side-trimmer package supports the challenges faced by our customers in today’s market situation:

Improvement of the operating ratio and cost reduction thanks to long lasting knives and easy & fast exchange of knives without any adjustment.

Increase of the production with Clecim SAS Dynamic Width Adjustment allowing strip width change without stopping the pickling line exit section.

Reliable & constant “cut quality performance” with automatic Trimmed edge monitoring.
The equipment, which includes a full automation solution, will be installed, and commissioned with our Clecim SAS experts on customer premises in 2024.