Adding value for a wide range of applications

A general trend in today’s steel industry is to increase added value and profit margin on rolled product through the application of metal coatings.

For corrosion protection, a broad range of solutions based on continuous hot-dip processes are offered to produce added value, high-quality material used in construction, appliances, automotive and packaging applications.



To meet your expectations and your market (steel grades, gauges, coatings, qualities…), Clecim designs and implements different solutions according to your upstream production facilities and process route.
Based on the above considerations and additional customer constraints, the most suitable solution will be proposed.

Various combinations of processes (combi-lines) can also be proposed to optimize your production routes and costs in the field of hot dip coating (True Zinc, Galvanneal, Aluminum Zinc, Zinc Magnesium and Aluminum coatings):

  • Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL)

  • Continuous Annealing or Galvanizing Lines (CAGL)

  • Combined Continuous Galvanizing and then Color Coating / Painting Lines (CGPL, GPL)

  • Combined Continuous Pickling and then Galvanizing Lines (CPGL, PGL)

Main Benefits

  • Numerous references and many years of experience

  • Overall responsibility capability and global expertise

  • Through-Process Know-How support services (i.e. product grades development, coatings, metallurgy including upstream expertise, etc.)

  • Through-Process Quality Control packages (i.e. coil grading)

Mechatronic machines for Metallic Coating Lines

In-house mechatronic machines designed, assembled and tested in Clecim’s factory:

  • Laser welding machine (pioneer in solid state laser cutting and welding)

  • Air Knives Dynawipe wiping system

  • Robot solutions for dross management

  • Automatic ingot charger

  • Skin-Pass Mill, Tension Leveler, Scale Breaker (more than 400 references worldwide)

  • Inline Mechanical properties gauge

  • Roll coater (chemical coater and paint coater)

  • SIAS® Automatic Strip Surface Inspection System

  • Turret-type Side Trimmer with flying width adjustment and Scrap Chopper

  • In-line strip printer

  • Automatic stoning to help operator inspection

Reference Story: Full high-technology turnkey processing line including qualification by the automotive industry

OYAK Mining and Metallurgy Group – Ereğli Demir ve Çelik Fabrikaları T.A.Ş. (ERDEMIR), Turkey

Type of plant
Continuous Galvanizing Line 2

Technical Data
Annual capacity: 350,000 tons
Strip thickness: 0.4–2.0 mm
Strip width: 700–1,900 mm
Processing speed: 180 m/min

Clecim’s solution
This turnkey project consists in the delivery of the new Galvanizing Line 2 to produce 350,000 metric tons per year of IF steel and high-strength cold strip with a focus on automotive exposed parts. A new market opportunity is offered to Erdemir with this modern CGL 2 and a process & quality know-how package from Clecim.

Tata Ijmuiden Continuous Galvanizing Line DVL3
Horizontal entry looper and Annealing-furnace
Air Knives Dynawipe