Compact processing lines for big gains in efficency

The Electrolytic Cleaning Lines (ECL) supplied by Clecim enable the removal of the remaining iron fines and oil residues from the tandem mill.

Advanced ECL technology provides outstanding strip cleanliness before the coils reach the downstream batch annealing furnace in order to obtain perfect surface cleanness. This type of line could also be used as coil build-up line. Modules such as payoff reel, shear, welder, cleaning section, etc. are common with galvanizing lines to maximize training/knowledge database and spares quantity between lines.


Main Benefits

  • Improved strip cleaning technology of different design

  • Hot alkali dunk tank or spraying tank

  • Vertical electrolytic cleaning tank or “V” shape electrolytic cleaning tank

  • Strip immersion enhanced by turbulent technology

  • Automatic cleaning of the spray bars (no need to dismantle the spray bar)

  • Self-adjustment of the brushes intermesh

  • High pressure rinsing

  • Easy roll change

  • Cleaning design for fast and efficient strip cleaning

  • Fully automated line presetting and program change for increased yield and throughput capacity

  • Integrated environmental solutions

  • Optimization of utilities consumption

To degrease your strips, Clecim has developed a “cleaning solution” (dipping or spraying, type of brushes, type of electrolysis, type of rinsing, fume exhaust) optimized in terms of:

  • Investments costs

  • Operating cost

  • Environmental impact

  • Design optimized to suit application

  • Easy maintenance and operation due to ideal equipment design

Reference Story: Full process turnkey processing line high technology

Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), Bokaro, India

Type of plant
Electrolytic Strip Cleaning Line within Cold Rolling Mill Plant

Technical data
Annual capacity: 370,000 tons
Strip thickness: 0.25–1.5 mm
Strip width: 800–1,560 mm
Processing speed: 270 m/min

Clecim’s solution
This Electrolytic Cleaning Line from Clecim is an efficient solution for strip cleanliness by removing iron fines and oil film from the surface. Our This electrolytic solution is a must for you to achieve optimum performance.

Cleaning section overview
Tank detail of a cleaning line
Tank detail of a cleaning line