Colorful products for corrosion-protection applications

Continuous Coating Lines are characterized by high throughput rates, operational reliability, production flexibility and provide the basis for outstanding strip-coating quality.

To meet your requirements for/of a wide range of product applications, Clecim offers a full spectrum of solutions. The strictest demands for high-end applications are fully met, such as in the automotive and household appliance industries. Both primary and secondary organic coating layers can be imparted to both sides of the strip, including the application of polyesters, epoxy, polyurethane, PVDF, acrylic and plastisoles.


On the basis of decades of experience in the engineering, supply, installation and start-up of Organic Coating Lines, Clecim provides optimized solutions for different coating compositions, coating colors, various steel grades and varying strip dimensions. In addition to imparting an aesthetically pleasing and decorative appearance to the strip, color coatings substantially improve corrosion resistance, especially for outside use. The key coating process machines are the roll coaters which are in-house mechatronics equipment.

Roll coaters
Clecim’s coaters include all technological aspects, including such as mechanical, fluid, electrical and automation functions. This modular approach offers great benefits and allows us to provide completely integrated solutions consisting of extensively preconfigured products, solutions and cycle services specifically tailored. This modular approach provides completely integrated solutions (consisting of extensively preconfigured products, solutions and cycle services specifically tailored) for your benefits. The main benefits assets of Clecim’s coaters are: less vibrations due to short universal joints, less applicator roll covering wear due to load control, quick roll change, reduction of coating consumption, tightest thickness tolerances by dynamic force control and quality improvement due to computer-controlled coater presetting.


  • Laser welding machine (pioneer in solid state laser cutting and welding)

  • Optimized pretreatment

  • Application of coater control

  • Fully automated line presetting and program change

  • Integrated quality control with SIAS® Automatic Strip Surface Inspection System

  • Tension Leveler to improve strip surface quality

  • Integrated environmental solutions

Reference Story: High production quality levels on both
galvanizing and painting processes
TA2000 S.A. DE C.V (TYASA) Orizaba, Veracruz State, Mexico

Type of plant
Combined galvanizing and color coating line

Clecim’s solution
A high productivity, flexibility and quality line with a broad-gauge range (from 0.38 to 2.7 mm), capable of galvanizing and painting from Cast Strip Thin (C.S.T.) and Cold Rolled strip.