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Hardened strip is annealed and pickled with processing line designed to get 1D, 2D, or 2B surface finish at maximum process speed.

Clecim’s Stainless Annealing and Pickling Lines (APL) include various combinations of processes such as annealing, pickling, skin passing, leveling and can be designed for hot rolled products and/or for cold rolled products. For a cost effective production route, Clecim’s Power X-Hi® mill section can, in addition, also be integrated into those lines.


Focusing on the highly demanding surface finish, Clecim’s terminal equipment and mechatronic equipment (such as solid-state Laser Welder LW21) have been specially designed to process stainless steels. The annealing section design is based on a tunnel type furnace with unfired pre-heat first stage, fume heat recovery, high-efficiency and low-NOx burners. The chemical section features high-turbulence tanks, electrolytic tanks and brush scrubbers. For hot rolled products (HAPL), shot blasting equipment and a Scale Breaker are installed between the furnace and pickle section to help with oxide removal. For cold rolled products (CAPL), a multistage cleaning section is installed upstream of the furnace.

Direct Rolling Annealing and Pickling Lines (DRAPL) or Hot Rolling Annealing and Pickling Lines (HRAPL) can be supplied with the integration of single or multi-stands Power X-Hi® mills.

Main benefits

  • High maximum process speed

  • Low operating costs

  • Multistage cleaning section with spray and brushes and cascade rinsing

  • High-efficiency and low-NOx burners

  • Fume heat recovery

  • Shot blasting with frequency-controlled wheels

  • Optimum pickling: high turbulence and electrolytic pickling tanks

  • Strip surface finish quality with 2 highly polished Skin-Pass Mill rolls with in-line roll polishers

Also we have a strong experience in welder rewamping with short stoppage time and ultra fast production ramp-up.

Reference Story: High-productivity stainless steel cold rolling complex
Baosteel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd , Fujian, PR China

Plant type
Direct Rolling Annealing and Pickling Line

Technical data
Incoming material: Hot-rolled annealed and pickled stainless steel
Product grades: 200 and 300 series
Entry/Exit thickness: 2.0-5.0 mm / 0.8-2.5 mm
Max. Width: 1,200 mm
Outgoing surface finish: 2B

Clecim’s solution
A 4-stand patented Power X-Hi® tandem cold mill coupled with an Annealing and Pickling Line including a Skin-Pass Mill. Two lines in one to decrease investment costs (reduced number of terminal equipment, buildings, cranes), operational costs (reduced personnel, coil storage, coil handling, material scraps, energy consumption, processing times) and to produce top quality products (continuous rolling and skin passing provide tight shape, thickness and surface aspect tolerances; for sensitive materials, no intermediate surface or mechanical alteration, since there is no intermediate storage).

Tension reel and associate equipment
Entry section equipment
Power X-HI