Clecim Strip Inspection System

Technology driven solution to inspect every flat products of the metallurgy world.


SIAS, the best surface quality gauge

High-end cameras, optics and lighting provide a sharp, fine-resolution image of the strip surface. The sensor components have been carefully selected for their technical performance, reliability, ease of use and maintainability.

XLINE®: Real-time image processing software suite
  • Xline® identifies defects: detection of flaws, automatic classification and severity grading

  • Xline® is PC-based for easy integration into the user’s network, and user-friendly administration

Remote access is possible from any connected PC, to configure the system and monitor its operation.

SIAS, adapted to every flat process and especially automotive applications:
  • Hot Mills

  • Pickling Lines

  • Cold Mills

  • Continuous Annealing Lines

  • Coating Lines (Galvanizing or Tinning or Color Coating Lines)

  • Stainless Steel Lines

On-line & Off-line Analysis through HMI (Human Machine Interface) Matching the specific of every application

All results are available to the inspector in real-time, allowing immediate reaction. Results are stored in SQL-compatible database structures for efficient later review and studies. The whole system can be fully administrated via a fully graphic HMI that requires no computing.

Clecim follows you whilst the whole lifecycle of your SIAS through:
  • Hotline

  • Site visits

  • Spare parts

  • Haute couture revamping

Main benefits:
  • Fast, simple and reliable thanks to a user-friendly interface

  • Be easily and quickly adapted to any application

  • Customized to user requirements

  • Maintenance friendly

  • Perfect knowledge of everything you deliver – 100% surface quality control

  • Increased productivity

  • Improve the yield loss