SIAS DeepLearning is the new generation SIAS data driven solution using Artificial Intelligence (Ai), 100% in-house Clecim designed

Since 30 years, Clecim has been the Reliable, Performing & Innovative partner of :
– ArcelorMittal
– Aperam
– Tatasteel
– Baosteel

with more than 150 references worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence but with decisive adavantages

  • Deep Learning based (no more designer pre-defined parameters as in machine Learning)

  • Tracability tool for Ai Deep learning Results assessment

  • AI applied to Detection & Classification (unlike most system applying Ai to Classification only)

  • Single unique Ai based “Detection/Classification”

  • Parallel Processing capability (allowing performance comparison of different Knowledge base)

  • Plug & Play Multi-Field (requiring ZERO specific tuning)

SIAS DeepLearning : Extend & Achieve New Hights

In the covering range of your Surface Inspection System :
“Carbon Steel”, “Stainless steel”, “Electrical steel”, “Special Alloys steel”

In the Surface range of your Surface Inspection System :
“non-coated”, “Metallic coated (GI, GA, AlZn, AluSi,…)”, “Highly Shiny”, “very Mat highly light absorbant”, “Highly Textured”, “Paterned (floor plates)”, “non-homogeneously Colored”

In the Defect range of your Surface Inspection System :
“Very Low Contrast defects” , very early “Periodic defects” detection

In the production lines of your Surface Inspection System :
  • Hot Strip Mills (HSM)

  • Endless Strip Production (ESP)

  • Continuous Pickling Line (CPL)

  • Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL)

  • Continuous Annealing Line (CAL)

  • Color coating line (CCL)

  • Electro galv/tinning lines (EGL/ETL)

  • Hot Annealing Pickling line (HAPL)

  • Cold Annealing Pickling line (CAPL)

  • Bright Annealing line (BAL)

Easy for YOUR operator to jump into the new DeepLearning world!

Modernized but very close look & feel with legacy system

Master, Access your Data

On-line HMI with the Real-Time Live Image of your strip surface at Full resolution
A new Administration station for Inspection Results check, Inspection Data Access and System Control : totally secured Web based so as you can access easily and anywhere with your Smartphone, Tablet, LapTop, …

You Own your Data & Defect Images

Totally Open Data base of your Defects and their Images

Think Services on SIAS Legacy & SIAS DeepLearning systems

to protect your investment during the whole life cycle of SIAS systems.

  • HotLine & Remote maintenances services

  • Spare parts management

  • Upgrades SIAS version

  • Preventive maintenance visit

  • On-site corrective visit

  • Customized Trainings