Opportunity for a Town Hall held in the presence of all Clecim employees, where our CEO Thomas COMTE and our President Andre CALISTI, presented a retrospective assessment, highlighting 12 key events such as:

  • The many successes of our laser welder range in 2021-22

  • The launch of the SIAS Deep Learning product in June 22, and already our first references

  • The order for a major processing line in the USA in February 23

  • The modernization of the workshop and the inauguration of a new boring machine in February 23


And above all: The return to a profitable activity with the best economic results and the best perspectives of the last 15 years

The Management Committee then reviewed the key achievements and actions undertaken in 2023 to continue the transformation.

Two years of success, made possible by intense and collaborative work by all employees.

And to round off this festive celebration, nothing better than sharing traditional Easter chocolates from a local maker !      

2023 promises to be a year of trust, proactivity, sustainability, customer intimacy and growth.

Impossible is not Clecim! Think BIG !

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