Just one year after signing the contract during the Covid pandemic, Clecim delivered a set of huge gears to one of the main Turkish metal producers. This equipment, composed of gears and pinions, has impressive capacity to measure spare parts (more than 3 meters in length and/or diameter) and weights 60 T. It will be used for the Hot Strip Mill flying shear able to cut more than 50mm thickness of steel. Thanks to its know-how and long experience, Clecim succeeded on this large project!

The manufacturing process required our Engineering department support, to optimize the production of such pieces. In addition, the supply of raw material forged parts, internal machining and heat treatment, quality control and dispatching have contributed to high quality production of these complex parts. For this project, Clecim provided during all the process different expertise. Indeed, Clecim is an integrated company: R&D, engineering, factory workshop, Services, Logistics are at the same place, all in one to better serve its customers.


Based on our AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification, Clecim was able to organize the exceptional delivery to Turkey.

For several years, Clecim has created a real partnership with the customer through regular a long-time relationship. Well-known supplier on this market for many years now, Clecim delivers solutions for spare parts, services and modernization based on strategic equipment.

Despite this pandemic period, it is a real success for Clecim. With the involvement of all the teams, Clecim reach initial commitment in terms of quality and delivery time!

Clecim Customer Services for customer satisfaction!