Stephane Gouttebroze, a Data Sciences engineer in the Consulting service at Clecim SAS, has returned from Manchester where he actively participated in the DISCOVERY SUMMIT, which is the annual European conference for users of JMP software.

He attended as a speaker to present his work on processing data from the core of the galvanization process. His lecture is titled: “Zinc coating excellence: leveraging JMP for accurate pressure control and thermodynamic modeling”.

Since 2016, Stéphane Gouttebroze has specialized in Data: collecting and processing measurement parameters, managing databases, generating explanatory and predictive models for industrial use.
Data collection in the world of steelmaking (sensors, quality control, operational and performance indicators, etc.) is systematically carried out on our installations, allowing the creation of large databases.

Stephane has chosen to use JMP , a proven analysis software, which allows these databases to be processed in various ways: verification, data cleaning, visualization, trend analysis or correlation, modeling, experiment planning preparation, etc.

Clecim SAS thus takes advantage of tools at the forefront of the digital revolution and provides its clients around the world with the combined “Data+Process” expertise for the global optimization of the performance of continuous galvanizing line coatings. This approach is also applied to other steel treatment lines.

As a recognized player in the steel industry, Clecim SAS offers to audit your process and analyze your production to improve the quality and productivity of your continuous process line.

Actors from other industries, if you are interested in the methodology and think it can meet your current challenges, contact Stephane