Successful implementation of ZM coating technology for an automotive client, enhancing their productmix and achieving a rapid return on investment within few months.

A travers de nombreux échanges avec les équipes de production, des transferts de compétences et des recommandations pragmatiques pour accroitre et pérenniser le savoir-faire de PATURLE ACIERS SA, nous pensons avoir contribué à la stabilité des performances et l’autonomie des équipes en responsabilité de ce procédé critique de planage

Ce que dit M. Nicolas BROCHU, Responsable des Méthodes Industrielles, PATURLE ACIERS SA de CLECIM :

« En conclusion, nous sommes extrêmement satisfaits du travail réalisé par CLECIM, car il nous a permis de nous améliorer sur le planage, de pérenniser la qualité du planage notamment au niveau du Cintre (Coil set) et faciliter la transmission du Savoir aux nouveaux opérateurs formés sur cet équipement.  

Nous recommandons vivement les projets d’accompagnement menés par CLECIM et félicitons les personnes qui nous ont accompagné par leur professionnalisme tout au long du projet. » 


At Clecim® Consulting Services, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the steel industry. Recently, our team undertook a mission to assist a leading automotive manufacturer in China by incorporating ZM (Zinc-Magnesium-Aluminum) coating into their product portfolio. This initiative aimed to address the booming demand in the automotive market for high-performance, corrosion-resistant materials.

The client faced the challenge of introducing a new coating type to their existing product mix, which required specialized knowledge and technical support. Recognizing this need, Clecim® Consulting provided comprehensive assistance, leveraging our deep expertise in metallurgy, galvanizing processes, and maintenance.

Our approach included rigorous training on ZM coating applications, support for revamping necessary equipment and instrumentation, and meticulous maintenance protocols. We also played a crucial role in the validation campaigns, focusing on metallurgical recipes, process optimization, and surface quality to ensure the highest standards of production.

Throughout the project, our team conducted seminars and audits at the client's site to facilitate knowledge transfer and ensure seamless implementation. Maintenance assistance and recommendations were provided continuously, ensuring the client could sustain the new process independently.

The benefits of our involvement were significant. The client could rapidly bring marketable ZM coated products to market, which met the high-quality standards demanded by the automotive industry. The new metallurgical recipes we developed enabled the production of ZM galvanized steel coils, expanding their product portfolio and enhancing their competitive edge.

The results speak for themselves. The project, executed over one year from October 2017 to October 2018, yielded a remarkable return on investment within just seven months. This success story not only underscores the effectiveness of our consulting services but also highlights the potential for ZM coating technology to revolutionize product offerings in the steel industry.

By partnering with Clecim® Consulting Services, companies can navigate the complexities of integrating advanced coating technologies, achieving operational excellence, and meeting the dynamic demands of the market. Our proven methodologies and unwavering commitment to client success ensure that we deliver tangible, impactful results every time.