Facing high rejection rates because f abnormally low mechanical properties, our client achieved seamless production and substantial savings with Clecim’s expertise.


In the world of steel production, maintaining high-quality standards is crucial.

This was the challenge faced by one of our clients who experienced approximately 30% downgrading or rejection of their galvanized steel coils due to substandard mechanical properties. This not only led to significant financial losses but also affected their production efficiency and market reputation.

Recognizing the severity of the issue, the client sought the expertise of Clecim Consulting Services to optimize their production process and improve the mechanical properties of their steel coils. Clecim’s comprehensive approach to problem-solving began with a thorough analysis of the client’s current production methods.

Our team started by examining the metallurgical recipes and the production campaign, which involved around 700 coils of GI-coated steel ranging from SS33 to SS37. By delving deep into the client’s production data, we identified key areas where improvements could be made. The initial phase of our assistance included a meticulous back-office support process where we conducted a preliminary check of the metallurgical recipes. This phase spanned over two weeks, during which we pinpointed inconsistencies and potential improvements.

After completing the preliminary analysis, our team moved on to an on-site audit. This involved data collection, process analysis, and direct consultations with the client's production staff. The audit aimed to gather real-time data and validate our initial findings. Based on this comprehensive assessment, we provided detailed recommendations and facilitated their implementation.

Our methodology focused on fine-tuning the metallurgical recipes and adjusting the production parameters. This included optimizing the rolling, cleaning, and galvanizing processes to enhance the mechanical properties of the steel coils.

The implementation of Clecim's recommendations led to remarkable improvements. The downgrading and rejection of galvanized coils were eliminated, resulting in significant financial savings for the client-approximately $1.8 million per month. Moreover, the client reported an impressive return on investment within just one day, underscoring the efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions.

Through our expertise in metallurgy and process optimization, Clecim not only resolved the client's immediate production issues but also set them on a path towards sustained quality and efficiency. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering practical, impactful solutions that drive real-world results for our clients.