The continually increasing demand for advanced steel grades and added value products drives steel producers to permanently seek for a more efficient pickling process.

The Pickling Lines must be optimized and ready to process the many different steel grades providing precise control of strip tension, accurate strip guiding, high quality pickling control, fast and stable processes with faultless strip tracking.



They are supplied with advanced Laser Welders, compact Scale Breakers and customers/you have the choice of different pickling concepts (turbulent shallow or flat tanks).

1.Continuous Pickling Lines

Clecim’s Continuous Pickling Lines feature a modular design, high pickling efficiency, economical operation and are integrated with the latest advanced technologies.
The line can be also combined with a Galvanizing Line (CPGL – Continuous Pickling and Galvanizing Line).

2.Push-Pull Pickling Lines

For the pickling of up to 1,000,000 tons of strip per year depending on the product mix, Push-Pull Pickling Lines offer significant advantages in terms of investment costs and operational flexibility (frequent change of strip dimensions and steel grades) with uniquely designed V-shape flat pickling tanks.

Main benefits:
  • Broad range of pickling technology available to cope with customer expectation

  • Modular design to optimize operation and maintenance practices and cost

  • High efficient pickling rates to achieve a surface clean and free of scale

  • Special anti-stain system that does not require chemical additives

  • Energy efficient design of the fume extraction and sealing system

Mechatronic machines for Pickling Lines

In-house mechatronic machines designed, assembled and tested in Clecim’s workshops:
  • Heavy laser welding machine (solid state laser cutting and welding)

  • High tension Scale Breaker (up to 100 tons)

  • Turbulent flat tanks for high process speeds (up to 400 m/min) and production output

  • Shallow tanks for lower process speeds

  • Skin-Pass Mill, Tension Leveler (more than 400 references worldwide)

  • SIAS Automatic Strip Surface Inspection System

  • Turret-type Side Trimmer with flying width adjustment and Scrap Chopper

Welding sequence with Clecim welding machine
Shougang Jintang Iron & Steel Joint Co.,
Laser cutting 8 mm with Heavy Laser Welder
Tata Steel IjmuIden BV,
Cutting sequence with Clecim welding machine
Chengde Iron & Steel Group,