ESTAD conference 2023, Düsseldorf, Germany
On the Wednesday 14th of June, Jean-Pierre Robinet, Clecim expert in process lines and rolling mills, gave a conference titled « Supporting customers in supplying steel for electromobility ».

As e-mobility improves and expands, the automotive sector is driving significant change in adjacent industries impacting infrastructure, energy, and steel. In particular, the production of electrical steel grades has significantly been impacted by this revolution. Clecim, as an integrated specialist in the Design and manufacturing of process lines & cold rolling mills as well as Mechatronics products, has been working for years on solutions offered to steelmakers to meet this new market challenges.

M. Robinet has presented advanced solutions for work roll driven 6hi mill dedicated to high content silicon steels. To be in line with the use of new Silicon-based steel grades, which give a thinner strip thickness (0.2 mm instead of 0.5 mm) and a wider strip width, he also presented Clecim’s new 4.0 solutions: the laser welder and the SIAS DeepLearning surface inspection system.

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