A Consulting services at Liberty Steel Galati in Romania

How did the respective teams of Liberty Steel & CLECIM SAS come to define a comprehensive action plan to optimize the galvanization line started-up in 1975 at the Galati plant *?
Whereas the first discussions between the two companies started at the end of 2021 with the aim to maximize the production time and improve the galvanized strip quality, the project actually became effective in August 2022.
Until mid-2023 and the issuance of the final conclusions, Clecim’s team led by Benjamin Grenier sustained the analysis effort and the design investigations, combining multiple on-site activities and back-office engineering work. With a comprehensive set of experts in mechanics, automation and electrics, and process, the approach was always driven by the will to address the identified stakes globally and thoroughly.

CLECIM SAS successfully implemented a collaborative and iterative methodology to deliver a comprehensive set of conclusions. The approach is based on systematically aggregating the key aspects of potential upgrades: technical feasibility and modification recommendations, costs estimates, payback calculations, and respective implementation schedules.

These economically grounded and technically detailed outcomes will be the solid basis for an improved operational performance at Galati.

Customer satisfaction is the motto of Clecim® Consulting team, and we are proud to terminate this project with very positive feedback from Liberty Steel. In a versatile economic environment, dictating production lines “stop and go”, Liberty Steel has been thankful to Clecim’s team for its flexibility and professionalism. We trust this paves the ground for future fruitful collaborations.

* Galati, Romania is part of the Liberty Steel group