Innovative solutions for high coating performance

Clecim roll coaters solutions are based on two decades of worldwide expertise.
We provide our clients with a wide range of roll coaters from short return of investment to the highest advanced technologies.
The roll coater technology has been designed from the early stage to guarantee coating quality and thickness homogeneity.


Clecim roll coater are design for chemical or painting applications. Different types of roll coaters are offer such as vertical, horizontal, “S” wrap, “C” wrap, “U” wrap, and so on, with steady or shuttle frame.

Clecim has acquired a proven expertise in:
  • Frame stiffness, preventing vibrations likely to cause surface defects on the strip. The design is based on solutions derived from our extensive experience in Rolling Mills and Processing Lines

  • Guiding precision, essential to achieve top level performance in controlling the coating thickness and homogeneity of strip surfaces

  • Roll adjustment solution, adapted to your demand

  • Manual roll adjustment, for a simple and reliable solution

  • Servo-drive roll adjustment is today the optimal solution for a perfect control of your roll coater

  • Servo-hydraulic roll adjustment is specially design for painting application. This state-of-the-hart technology is dedicated to the highest demanding customer. This solution includes a dynamic compensation of roll eccentricity

Our roll coaters are designed as mechatronic packages including all technology aspects such as mechanical, fluids, electrical and automation functions. This completely integrated solutions offer to our customers a substantial benefit.