When robustness and reliability provide flatness

Since the creation of the first Scale Breaker on a Continuous Pickling Line in 1978, Clecim has delivered more than 60 machines worldwide. Installed at the entry of a CPL, a PLTCM, a PPPL or a HAPL, this equipment will improve the flatness of the product and lead to a pickling efficiency increased by 30%.


The Scale Breaker is used for carbon steel as well as stainless steel production.The Clecim’s range of Scale Breakers goes up to 100 tons of tension capacity.

Thanks to many years of experience and a tailor-made approach in upgrading and modernizing Processing Lines with such equipment, Clecim works closely with customers to minimize downtimes and ensures a fast start-up.

Main benefits:
  • Compact design of the machine, suitable for modernization

  • Well proven and robust technology

  • Low operation cost

  • Enhanced quality

  • Strip flatness improvement