Robustness, reliability and availability serving productivity

Edge trimming of the strip answer to two significant requests: eliminating strip edge defects and giving precise width tolerance to produced coil.
With more than 50 years of experience on Processing Lines from Pickling Lines/Tandem Cold Mills to Inspection Lines, Clecim Side Trimmer and Scrap Machines have been designed and developed with the target to deliver the best strip edge cutting quality for you carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum producing line. Clecim works closely with its clients to develop, mount and commission in its factory these technologies to ensure the best integration into your Processing Lines.


The main features of Clecim Side Trimmer are:
  • Double head (turret type) in a compact design

  • High availability & low maintenance costs

  • Best performance for fast knife change and strip width adjustment

  • Short shut down & easy installation

Clecim Side Trimmer can be equipped with several high technological features such as:
  • Dynamic width adjustment (DWA) system which permit to adjust continuously the strip width cutting without having to stop the line

  • Edge Monitoring system (Edgemon) which permit to optimize the Side Trimmer settings for your product mix and improves the cutting quality of the strip

Main benefits:
  • Equipment with fully automatic mode using Siemens PLC and servo-drive

  • Low equipment costs

  • Low operation costs

  • Strip edge improvement

  • Increase of line availability and productivity

  • Improvment of edge scrapp transportation

  • Possibility to manage knife life and history

  • Easy adjustment of GAP, LAP and Width

  • Safety CE included machine

  • HMI oriented Operator friendly