When flatness is mandatory

As a Clecim’s client, your expectation will be reach by the best technologies for Tensions Levelers.
The purpose of the tension leveling stand is to improve your product flatness by stretching all of the longitudinal structures in the metal strip to equal length.


Tension Leveler operation is possible for carbon steel and stainless steel production.

Tension Leveler entry and exit tension bridles can be driven with different systems (interconnecting gear boxes or all electrical drives) depending on the application.
It is often desirable to combine the Skin-Pass Mill and Tension Leveler with an intermediate tension bridle in a versatile system. This facilitates the production of different types of high-quality strip.

Main benefits:
  • Up to 45 tons of strip tension

  • Possibility for dry or wet operation

  • Improved flatness, especially on strips with high yield strength

  • Low operation cost (automatic operation, quick cassette change device, automatic control of work-roll intermeshes)