Boosting Steel Production Efficiency and Quality: Clecim's Comprehensive Audit Solutions Site web Detailed shop floor assessments and data analysis, identifying key areas for improvement to enhance productivity, quality, and cost efficiency in steel production operations (Continuous Galvanizing Line). Clecim® Consulting Services offers specialized technical advisory [Read more...]


Mechanical Properties Optimization: A Case Study in Galvanized Steel Production Site web Facing high rejection rates because f abnormally low mechanical properties, our client achieved seamless production and substantial savings with Clecim’s expertise. In the world of steel production, maintaining high-quality standards is crucial. This [Read more...]


Process Tuning and Feasibility Testing via Design of Experiment methodology: A Case Study in Laser Welding Site web Clearing hurdles in heavy-gauge laser welding, Clecim’s expertise ensured feasibility, minimized risk, and streamlined production for our Japanese client. In 2021, a Japanese steel manufacturer faced [Read more...]


Optimizing Tinning Line Operations: Clecim's Technical Advisory Expertise Site web Clecim® Consulting Services provided remote technical advisory for the modernization of a tinning line, enhancing design accuracy and operational efficiency. Clecim® Consulting Services excels in delivering technical advisory for complex industrial processes. Recently, we assisted [Read more...]

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